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Shayna Stevenson

Ceramics 4-Week Class

Ceramics 4-Week Class

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In this 4-week class, ceramic artist Shayna Stevenson will teach you the fundamentals of hand building.

Students will learn and refine their techniques for slab building and coiling, and slump molds with guidance on how to create their desired shape and how to attach pieces together. 

Students will be introduced to different glazing techniques on the 4th week to finish their pieces, and all kiln firings are included in the course price. 

Whether you want to make something functional—like vases, cups, or mugs—or sculptural, this course is ideal for beginners or those who want an opportunity to work with clay with guidance.

All materials included. Beginners welcome!

*Shayna will fire all of the creations in her kiln, and then you will be notified when your projects are available to pick up from Noble Space.

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